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What I would give for you? ...My damn life!!...

I think this will be the last blog for a long time. That has nothing to do with some internetcomplications, but I think that it´s worth it. Well, Dani & Nana, I think you´ve got the same opinion, maybe not, but that doesn´t matter. If you read the headline you maybe don´t understand it, but don´t care much about it. It´s nothing that might count for you so don´t worry about it. I think there´s nothing more left to say. Just one thing maybe...this life is fuqq and I don´t care about who likes and who not, it´s not worth it. If I´m in the mood, I´ll wright one more time, but don´t expect it.

Sorry, but I´m not´s me against the world and I don´t care

3.9.07 20:31

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Scoundrel (5.9.07 18:26)
wat is mit mir und nana? xD
und warum schreibst du auf englisch?

Edelweißpiratin (6.9.07 17:19)
hey du,
ihr seid die einzigen beiden die das lesen und deswegen mal extra an euch addressiert, dass ich kein bock hab und englisch is vil cooler als deutsch xD

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